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This "Yankees Suck" thing has gone too far. I know I'm alienating some Sox fans but I
just think it's dumb. I think it's dumb to chant "Yankees Suck" at a game against the
Blue Jays. Or to wear tee-shirts or to devote entire corners of the internet to a
statement that is completely at odds with the facts.

The Yankees are our nemesis no doubt. We root against them, we dislike their fans with a
passion, but we've got to respect them. This team has won 4 championships in 6 years.
This team has won how many championships to our NONE since 1918? They don't suck!

What's even harder is that this Yankees team is not as despiseable as previous Yankee
teams. Back in the 70's, they had Reggie Jackson, Thurmon Munson, Mickey Rivers, and
other deplorable characters. It was bitter hatred. Now with Derek Jeter, Bernie
Williams, Giambi, Mussina, these aren't bad guys. The noteable exception is Clemens, who
Sox fans love to hate. We deplore Steinbrenner for playing the owner game with limitless
revenue, clearly caring nothing for the quality of baseball but only his own interest in
dominating the post season. But the Yankees are good and they do home grow many of their
players, something the Red Sox will need to do a better job of.

What's more, the Yankees play good baseball and they know how to win. They take the
extra base, get the clutch hit, make the key defensive play. They know how to win big
games and they know the post season. The Sox could learn a few things watching the
Yankees play.

I just don't think it's useful to go on with this delusion that the Yankees suck. It
makes us look like idiots as fans. Maybe when we finally get the monkey off our backs
I'll be ok with it, but for now, let's see our team beat the Yankees one year before we
continue with this absurd statement of Yankees suck!