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The Boston Red Sox are one of the most interesting franchises in baseball. As Red Sox fans, we've experienced some spectacular victories, but mostly heartbreaking defeats. We've had some spectacular players with dynamic personalities, and we've had some dreadful players who the fans have run out of town.

Choose a year. You know they didn't win it any of these years. But some years they came closer than others.

  7th Place, Ted's last year  
  6th place, Yaz' first year  
  8th place  
  7th place  
  8th place  
  9th place, 100 losses  
  9th place, pathetic  
  1st place, impossible dream year  
  4th place, no match for Tigers  
  3rd place, first year of division play  
  3rd place, identical to previous year  
  3rd place again  
  1/2 game out in strike year  
  2nd place  
  3rd place, blew 7 game lead in September  
  1st place, lost to Red Machine in series  
  3rd place  
  2nd place tie, winning 97 games  
  Bucky Dent playoff disaster  
  3rd place  
  4th place, last year of Lynn, Fisk, and Burleson  
  Strike year, won neither half  
  3rd place  
  6th place, Yaz' last year  
  4th place  
  5th place  
  1st place, 6th game series disaster  
  5th place, below .500  
  1st place, swept by A's in ALCS  
  3rd place  
  1st place, swept by A's in ALCS  
  2nd place tie  
  Last place, ugh!  
  5th place  
  4th place, strike year  
  1st place, but swept by Tribe in playoffs  
  3rd place  
  4th place, below .500  
  2nd place, but 22 games behind Yankees  
  2nd place, but not enough to beat Yanks in ALCS  
  2nd place, ran out of steam late  
  2nd place, horrible ending to promising start.